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For reasons of confidentiality, the only client information required with initial applications is limited to that  below. Any additional contact information will be obtained from the Referrer. 

This form can be printed off and sent by post to our Contacts address.  

Alternatively,  the essential information can be sent by email to  remapleeds@btinternet.com  



Client's Postcode        Age Group: 0-18    19-65    Over 65 


         Male    Female




[For self-referrals, tick this box and complete the form below except 'Occupational Title']


Referrer's Name:               


Occupational Title:       

[if an OT, Nurse, Social Worker, etc]








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* Please note, email addresses are especially helpful because they enable us to leave messages where the Referrer may not be immediately available.                                                                


Description of Problem