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A charity that helps the disabled to improve their quality of life


About Us

Remap is a national charitable organisation which designs and produces customised equipment for disabled people that is not commercially available or from other sources.

Our products are supplied free of charge to the clients and funding comes entirely from voluntary donations.

The organisation has 90 Panels (branches) supported by some 1500 volunteers  throughout the United Kingdom.

The Leeds & Bradford Panel was formed in January 2001 to meet the needs of the West Yorkshire area. 

Our Panel currently has more than 25 active members with additional representation and support from the region's health & welfare services.

The Panel is centered in Leeds but also serves the surrounding Metropolitan areas of Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale. 



We are keen to spread the word and have members available willing to speak to groups or organisations wishing to know more about our services or joining us as active members.

Just contact us through any of the options shown on our 'Contacts' page.  


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Remap National Website 

Rehabilitation Engineering Movement Advisory Panels

Registered Charity No 1137666

Last updated 06.02.16.


This website is designed and maintained by a member of the Leeds & Bradford Panel.